SYNCNET Solutions

Here is a sampling of the solutions we offer our clients.

Sports Marketing

We have a cloud-based live streaming solution for sporting events. You can create your own portal of live streaming cameras that can be seen around the world. We focus mainly on all the racquet sports: tennis, racquetball, and pickle ball but it also works just as well for any other sport.

Database Marketing

We have web properties that have large databases to assist people in finding appropriate resources, but these databases are also valuable marketing resources like our: Directory of Associations and Directory of Colleges. Use these resources to help build your prospect list.

Information Publishing

We help Subject Matter Experts publish their knowlege and expertise to their online audiences. We have a membership site software system that can deliver your expert knowledge to your customers and be compensated for your efforts.

Software Development

We have been developing custom database software for businesses since 1987. We can customize your own internal lead tracking, CRM, or process automation solution that is completely web-based and it will work on desktops, tablets and phones. We use Bootstrap as our framework to give you responsive, mobile first solutions on the first release.

Online Marketing

Reputation Management, SEO, SEM, PPC, PPV, etc. aren't buzz words for us. It's the world we operate in every day as a digital media agency. If you are not sure what your marketing agency does for all the money you pay them you might want to have us give you an audit. Learn more about Online Marketing

Solopreneur Websites and Hosting

Our eBizSuite™ solution makes a great customer portal to allow you to interact with your customers at a very personal level. You can run your entire business online with our SaaS tools.

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Our Awesome Customers

Our customers have had many great experiences working with us and so will you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions a new customer will ask. If you don't see your question, be sure to fill out our contact form.

Work begins when we have a signed agreement and a deposit. Once we have completed the agreed upon deliverables you will get an invoice for the remainder of the amount due and you have 10 days to make the final payment. Sorry but we aren´t in the business of collecting money. We want to stay focused on delivering great service and products.

We use a modern project management methodology called DSDM (Dynamic System Development Methodology) which today is known to many as agile. This means we deliver solutions in short time frames wherever possible so we can get new systems in the users hands so we can get feedback quickly and continue to improve. If you are a large development project client you need to face the reality that there is no such thing as a finished software project. So you will need to budget long-term for the on-going development of any software solution to keep up with the changing market place in which we all live.

Syncnet accepts Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover

Our ideal client has these characteristics:
  • They are looking to grow their existing business
  • They already have an existing customer base
  • They know where to find more customers and know the cost to acquire a new customer.
  • They have money budgeted for marketing
  • They don't have unrealistic expectations
  • They understand the risks they take by selling online
If you don't fit this criteria you are better off coming back when you are ready to get the most bang for your buck working with us.

We consider the relationship with our clients more as a partnership. We won't be successful if you aren't successful, so we work hard to keep our reputation strong in the marketplace for getting results. Our average customer has been with us 48 months so we know that if we can get you results, we will have a long term relationship.

About Us

Founded in 1987 by Colin R. Brown, Syncnet, Inc. operated as a vertical systems integrator and custom software developer until 1995 when we saw the opportunity of the Internet and started hosting business websites. Since 1995 we've brought our entire customer base to the web and moved their internal systems to run on the Internet. Syncnet has taken the best methodologies and practices and developed many Internet solutions over the years.

We are experts in all aspects of:

  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • e-Learning Portals
  • Membership Websites
  • Prospect Management
  • Recurring Billing Systems